Sunday, February 13, 2011

An original Valentine Design to share with You!

I’d hoped to have this design stitched and ready to share with you and my friends on the BDEIG Online Chapter on Yahoo Groups long before this, but life does have a mind of it’s own sometimes and our best intentions end up getting set aside for a while.  So, I’m posting this just in time for the pattern to be my Valentine’s Day gift to you instead of your being able to use it to make something for someone else this Valentine’s Day…..maybe you can do that next year?
Well, here it is……”Ribbon & Roses Heart”…with an actual design area of 4”x4”.  IMPORTANT NOTICE:  After offering this pattern to the public for free for 6 months, I have removed it.  It is now available for purchase, including a printed fabric pattern and all the directions.  So, if you'd like to stitch this design and did not get it while it was offered free, you may purchase it on linen or trigger cloth.  Just contact me.
Ribbon & Roses Heart Original Design by Sherry Johnson



  1. Sherry,
    wonderful pattern, I think you should mount it on a special container. Then put all you special little things you receive in that container. You could call it something like "my memories of Love" or something like that.

    Mary Sawyer

  2. Jewellery box!! That's what came to my mind when I saw it first. It deserves a royal treatment :)

  3. Wow, this is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for sharing, though I could never ever make it look as beautiful as this, your stitching is just perfect!

  4. Will definitely have to try one of those roses. Amazing. Came from Shawl. I should have guessed when she mentioned BDE but I thought they were silk ribbon embroidery! Probably my eyesight!

    Too large for a brooch. A Christmas ornament would be lovely. A friend sent me one. I'll post a photo on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is my first visit to your blog and I love the heart it is absoluely beautiful, your embroidery is breathtaking. Thankyou for sharing the pattern.

  6. I love this! Wonderful design! I think it would be lovely on the front of a cloth tote bag. It would be on display wherever your bag went. Maybe on a work bag where you keep a WIP that goes with you, or your every day bag. Something so beautiful should be seen.

  7. Thanks everyone for all of the nice comments! I'm glad that you like the design and hope that you will find a great use for it in YOUR stitching life, too! This is a nice beginner project for anyone wanting to try BDE.

  8. Absolutely exquisite. The best handwork I've ever seen. A true heirloom to gift to the family.

  9. OMG - this is the most gorgeous heart I have ever seen. At 4x4 inches, it would be ideal on a totebag as a center motif, framed as a wall-hanging, used in a CQ block. However, I think I would want it out year-round, so would probably piece it into an elegant CQ-ed purse. I would keep the color of all the fabrics around it white (with white or gold stitching) so as not to detract from the heart, but highlight it instead. Perhaps a red cord around the pillow. And then I would have to cover it in plastic wrap so I wouldn’t drool on it.....

    Great tutorial and pictures.... THANK YOU. I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to getting to know you! Hugs, Cathy

  10. Oops - I meant to say I would make it into a PILLOW, not a purse! Brain dead.... Hugs, Cat

  11. Sherry,
    Have posted about you in my blog. Hope it'll bring lots of new visitors.


  12. wow
    It is really very pretty.

  13. Visiting your blog for the very first time through Deepa's blog where she mentioned your blog and your beautiful embroidered heart. It is the most beautiful heart i have ever seen. Love your work. Would love to try out those pretty red roses though i know they will not come as good as yours.
    best wishes.

  14. The heart is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the pattern. My stitching skills don't come anywhere near yours, so I'll probably not do the satin stitching and may do the roses in silk ribbon, though I don't have an trouble with cast on flowers. Yours is absolutely gorgeous! If I start now, I might have it done for a monthly heart swap for next December.

  15. Beautiful Heart! Thanks for generously sharing the pattern and explanation on how to make it.

    I think it would be beautiful as the focal point of an evening purse. =)

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  17. It's so nice to read all your wonderful comments about the heart design. It's interesting to read your ideas of ways to use it, too. Spread the word that I'll be doing the drawing for the Edmar threads this Thursday. All you have to do is post a comment with a suggestion of a project to use the "Ribbons & Roses Heart" design on. I still haven't decided on one to use mine on yet, so keep the ideas coming!

  18. How it could be used! Oh my, I'd just love to sit and stare at it for hours! For me, it would be an inspiration! A stitching muse!

  19. Hi there, here from Shawkl.

    It's so pretty I would frame it up for a wedding/anniversary gift / gift pack - or maybe use it on a scatter pillow.
    But definitely on a display object or area!
    Thank you for the information!
    (Reposting because the previous attempt seems to have been lost in the ethers)

  20. Your Valentines Day Project is Marvellous !!!
    Its so Elegant ....
    Can you pls. share with me how to do the red roses through email id :
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  21. Woooow no words to say, my mouth is still open...ahhhh.