Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My blog

I'm simplifying my life (LOL) by starting this new blog that will be totally about stitching. I'm hoping it will make me take time for stitching, too, so that I have something to post about. I'm bringing over a few of my posts from my old blog, so I hope I don't bore anyone with them as I add them here or there, but hopefully they will be new to many of you. I do all types of stitching....Embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, crazy and sane quilting (lots of applique), crochet, punch needle, and even dabble in a little tatting. I love visiting other blogs to see what everyone is up to and learning from them. Hopefully, someone can learn something from my blog.....or at least enjoy the "eye candy". I've collected several vintage crazy quilts, so I will be posting pictures of some of the beautiful stitching on them, as well, when I haven't had time to stitch anything myself. Please be patient as I get this blog set up as I'm a novice at this, but most of all, stop by often and share a little "stitching time" with me. My first posts will be catching you up on my most recent project.....an embroidered fleece baby quilt.