Monday, February 21, 2011

New Project starting…..

I thought I’d let you in on the beginning of my next project.  I mentioned it right after the first of the year, but I’m just getting going on it.  It’s a large piece, so it’s going to keep me busy for quite a while.

I’d found a wonderful pattern in a book that I bought at the BDEIG Seminar last year.  The book, More Beautiful Embroidered Blankets, is a soft-sided book by the Australian company that publishes Inspirations Magazine….Country Bumpkin Publications.  And, Cover of More beautiful embroidered blanketsNo…..I’m not going to be starting on another blanket….though, I did really enjoy making the last one…..hmmm…..I may have to post photos of that one here, too, since I’d only shown it on my old blog.  Oh, sorry, I’m getting off the subject…..I tend to do that now & then. 

The pattern that I’m going to be doing is actually on the front cover of the magazine…’s that beautiful arrangement of flowers in a wall basket.  The design, Summer Symphony by Helen Eriksson, is a beautiful crewel design stitched on wool blanketing material and was stitched primarily in wool threads.  But, what can I say?….When I saw this design the first time……it shouted out to me, “Stitch me in BDE !”  Now, who can turn down a design that’s yelling at you?

I don’t feel I should post a close up of Helen Eriksson’s finished piece or the pattern because of copyright issues, but here is, at least, a more head on photo of the of original Summer Symphony blanket

The actual design area is 11” x 14”.  Once stitched and framed, it’s going to make a beautiful picture for my entry.  The original piece was done in pastels, but I’m not sure that I want pastels, so I’m going to have to think a little about what color threads I’d like to use.  I’ve traced the pattern onto a medium tan linen that will work great in my house, so I’m thinking I may need  deeper and brighter colors.  I can just imagine how beautiful this piece is going to turn out stitched  in BDE and I can hardly



wait to get started stitching on it.  What a wonderful array of flowers and stitches I’m going to be able to use……what fun!

Tomorrow, I’ll mount the fabric pattern onto  a frame made from 15”  & 18” stretcher bars.  I prefer working on stretcher bars and since this is going to be a larger project, I’ll use my Needlework System 4 floor stand., rather than my lap / table stand. Both hold the stretcher bars wonderfully while leaving my hands free, but because of the size of the “canvas”, using the floor model will enable me to flip the piece easier to get to the back.  The nice thing is that this stand folds and slides under our couch when I need it out of the way.NeedleworkSystem4 floor stand

Well….Plan to check back in the next couple days to see my beginning stitches on this piece.

Until then, if you live where it’s warm and sunny…..please soak up some of that sunshine for me, will you!  I’m starting to get pretty tired of all this cold & snow!!

Oh…..a little reminder…..if you haven’t entered a comment on the post with the “Ribbons & Roses Heart” giving a suggestion of how to use the design, make sure to do it.  I’ll be having a drawing  from all the suggestions given by this Thursday for some of the Edmar thread used in the design.  I’d love to hear yours!


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  1. What a lovely blog I have found. Your BE projects are awesome.